Phorm is an advertising system in which your ISP allows a 3rd party to intercept your internet traffic. Phorm then profiles you and allows their customers to target their adverts to your web surfing preferences.

"Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds."

- John Perry Barlow

Phorm was created by the people that bought us 121 Media. This company distributed the "ContextPlus" rootkit which infected peoples computers with spyware. Apparently Phorm's system relies on software created in Russia by a team of programmers who supply technology to the Russian Secret Service.

The Phorm system claims to 'help' users but yet you are expected to go to some effort to try and opt-out. If it is so great why aren't people given the choice as to whether they opt-in? I shouldn't have to opt-out of something I don't want. I do not need to opt out of having my house burgled or my car stolen. It should not be my responsibility to maintain a cookie on my PC, for ever, in order to defend my own privacy. Phorm will no doubt use the 'Tesco Defence'. "... but ... but... you've got a Tesco loyalty card !!". Yes I have but it is my choice. Tesco doesn't profile me by secretly tapping my phone line.

Would you allow the Post Office to read all of your mail, profile you and then sell that information to other companies so they can send you junk mail?

"This network neutrality thing is a load of bollocks"

- Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett

If Phorm is allowed to operate I guess the first line of defence will be their cookie. This will contain an ID number which they will need to track your web usage. I will be randomly generating the ID in my cookie every 30 seconds. If they are going to intercept my communications I will do whatever it takes to defend myself.

If you are a customer of BT, Virgin Media or Talk Talk then your ISP is currently planning to pass your data to Phorm. BT have already started secret trials. Now is the time to kill the Phorm concept before it gets a chance to go live. Contact your ISP and demand they respect your privacy.

Phorm seem to be mistaking me for someone that lives in China, Burma or Saudi Arabia. This is the UK and they can take their rootkits and interception technology and shove it.

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Here is a list of free PC Security tools to defend against spyware :

AVG Antivirus
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Adware (Free Version)
CCleaner (Removes Windows hidden web history)

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